Gastrophysics: The new science of eating – Monday, November 11, at 6:25pm at Syracuse U. in Florence

CHARLES SPENCE  Gastrophysics: The new science of eating

Monday, November 11,  at 6:25pm  at Syracuse University in Florence, Piazza Savonarola 15
Refreshments to follow
Everyone is welcome !

Gastrophysics, the new science of eating, focuses attention on ‘the everything else’ apart from the food that nevertheless still influences the tasting experience, be it in the high-end restaurant or the home: Everything from the colour of the plate on which the food is served, through the weight of the cutlery that is used to consume it (assuming that there is any, which can’t always be guaranteed these days), not to mention the music that happens to be playing in the background. Gastrophysics aims to bring the scientific approach, inspired by the latest neuroscience insights concerning the multisensory integration of the cues from taste, smell, touch, sight and sound, together with the best in culinary artistry, in order to help design more engaging, more enjoyable, and more memorable experiences for diners in the future.
Charles Spence is a world-famous experimental psychologist with a specialization in neuroscience-inspired multisensory design. He has worked with many of the world’s largest companies across the globe since establishing the Crossmodal Research Laboratory (CRL) at the Department of Experimental Psychology, Oxford University in 1997. Prof. Spence has published over 900 academic articles and edited or authored, 12 books including, in 2014, the Prose prize-winning “The perfect meal”, and the recent international bestseller “Gastrophysics: The new science of eating” (2017; Penguin Viking) –winner of the 2019 Le Grand Prix de la Culture Gastronomique from Académie Internationale de la Gastronomie.
Much of Prof. Spence’s work focuses on the design of enhanced multisensory food and drink experiences, through collaborations with chefs, baristas, mixologists, chocolatiers, perfumiers, and the food and beverage, and flavour and fragrance industries. Prof. Spence has worked extensively in the world of multisensory experiential wine and has also worked extensively on the question of how technology will transform our dining/drinking experiences in the future.


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